About Ice Cider -

Originated in Southern Quebec
Ice Cider is a sweet yet sophisticated dessert wine made from apples and concentrated by natural winter cold.  Sometimes sold as "apple ice wine" in the USA, it was developed in Southern Quebec province in Canada over the past 10 years ('Cidre de Glace' in French).  Ice Cider provides a significant value-added opportunity for this region's commercial apple orchards, which have been hurt in recent years by the flood of cheaper apples from West Coast and Chinese producers.  It also takes advantage of the long, cold winters that are typical of these parts.

Now a recognized dessert wine sold throughout Canada, Europe and Japan
But the best thing about Ice Cider is its amazingly delicious taste.  That's why the Ice Cider industry in Quebec has grown significantly and now includes over 50 producers with total annual production of over half a million bottles.  Ice Ciders have won prestigious awards, and the largest producers have contracts for international distribution with companies such as Camus and Nicolas.

A distinct process designed to showcase apple at its most refined [See Photos]
The production process for Ice Cider is not the same as for icewine, as few apples naturally stay on trees until frozen.  But Ice Cider is its own unique taste sensation, and the process is designed to obtain the purest essence of this particular fruit, to be celebrated as itself.  The typical production process is as follows:
  • Apples are harvested from their trees at peak ripeness and kept in cold storage until the onset of consistently cold winter temperatures
  • Apples are pressed, and the juice is set outdoors to freeze for 6 - 8 weeks
  • The freezing and melting-off process results in a residual concentrate that is naturally high in sugar and flavor (typically 32 - 40 brix)
  • The concentrate is fermented at 50 - 55 F degrees over several weeks or months
  • The fermentation process is terminated and the final product is cold stabilized, filtered and bottled
  • The resulting product is typically 8 - 11% alcohol by volume, with 12 - 15% residual sugar

The final amount of Ice Cider produced is usually less than 1/4 of the original amount of juice pressed.  It takes more than 8 lbs. of apples to make one 375ml bottle of Ice Cider!

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