Serving suggestions

Most important, serve the ice cider chilled.  Low cellar temperature is best between 46 - 52 degrees.

Note that you don't need to store it in the fridge, just put it in 30 minutes before serving.

We like to serve the ice cider in small port or sherry glasses (see photo at right). A 2-3 oz. pour is appropriate for such a flavorful and sweet drink

Or try one of the amazing cocktails developed by talented Vermont bartenders!

Check out great recipes from our favorite chefs and bartenders...

or send us your own!

Vermont artisanal cheeses
Either before dinner or as a cheese course
- Cabot 'Clothbound Cheddar'
- Jasper Hill 'Moses Sleeper' and 'Caspian'
- Bonnieview 'Moss End Blue'
- Springbrook 'Tarantaise'
- VonTrapp 'Oma'

- apple cake with caramel sauce 
- bread puddings
- apple pie with a slice of cheddar
- maple creme brule
- sticky toffee pudding
- or as dessert itself with just a few butter cookies

- foie gras
- duck or pork terrine or pate
- savory cheese tart

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