Eden Sparkling Ciders are made with locally grown apples. We use the same blend of traditional and heirloom apples that we use for our ice ciders, and then add classic Bittersweet cider varieties. True cider variety apples are sweeter and have much more tannin than eating apples.  They are pretty awful to eat so you won't ever find them in a grocery store.   The Sparkling Dry is made with Kingston Black.  The Sparkling Semi-Dry is made with Dabinett and Yarlington Mill.

The cider is fermented and aged in French oak puncheons for a year, then bottled with a secondary fermentation that is created with additional juice rather than sugar. After another 6 months each bottle is hand-disgorged in a careful process that removes the yeast but retains the vibrant natural effervescence of the in-bottle fermentation.  For our Semi-Dry, we add in a little bit of our ice cider for sweetness.

Eden Sparkling Ciders are full-flavored, tannic, and clean with a champagne-like mouth feel and balanced acidity. They are unfiltered and unpasteurized, with higher ABV and much less sweetness than mass market industrial hard ciders.

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Eden Sparkling Dry  and Semi-Dry Cider
Sparkling Dry 8.5% ABV  Sparkling Semi-Dry  9.5% ABV

Available in 750ml and 375ml formats 
12 bottles per case
1,000 cases made
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