Extraordinary apples and the people who grow them

Our greatest pleasure as cidermakers is working with the extraordinary apples we have in our region and the people who grow them.  In our own Eden Orchards we grow over 35 varieties biodynamically (naturally organic).  We are also excited to be a good market for special varieties that make great ciders but don't have much appeal to typical grocery uses.  We work with the same growers year after year in long term partnership. Together we cope with what mother nature provides in the way of weather and help each other to insure quality fruit and quality ciders.  When you buy our ciders, you are supporting all of us and our working landscape.

Eden Orchards
West Charleston
Steve Wood
Poverty Lane Orchards
Lebanon, NH
Brad Koehler
Windfall Orchard
Zeke Goodband
Scott Farm
Barney Hodges
Sunrise Orchards
Bill Suhr
Champlain Orchards
Jessika Yates
Yates Family Orchard